Monday, September 16, 2013

Cute DIY Breastfeeding Gift


So a very good friend of mine is adding a bundle of joy to her family and it happens to be a sweet baby boy! Being a momma to a lil stud myself, I know they are so much fun and momma boys. But, I knew she was going to get so many gifts consisting of bottles, clothes, bibs Ect. Of course being a supportive breastfeeding momma to my friends, and only wanting them to try to breastfeed because it's best for them and the baby, I decided to make her a simple but cute breastfeeding basket. 

So this is what I did for her! 
Starting with the obvious. 

Nursing pads. 
Hello, every women needs these! 
Especially after like the 3 day your milk is like Niagra falls. At least mine lol. 

This are disposable because I wasn't sure how she might feel with reusable. But, at least these will help for a couple weeks. 

Wash clothes. 
Because again, your going to leak. I can't espress that enough.  
No seriously! I remember I was at my meeting ( Kingdom Hall) and thought I would out beat the leaks. I wore a thick padded bra and a black shirt and black sweater over all that. After Leland nursed
and I went back into the auditorium my letdown came in and strong. Thankfully at the end of the meeting a friend of mine hurried to me and covered my chest with one if Leland's blankets. 
So again, your going to leak. Seems like its happen to almost every momma. Relax, it happens! 

Next item was...

A notebook. 
A handy dandy, notebook. 
Sleep deprivation will let us forget what breast we nursed and times we did. 
I used some apps but nothing really helped like going back to the old fashion note pad. 
It's really good to write down all the times you've nursed and which breast and how  long. 
Will prevent matisis and engourment. 

Facial cleansing towels.  

This was cute and thought it would come in handy. 


When baby comes home there's barely anytime for anything. Including a shower. 
All our time goes to nursing, trying to catch up in sleep, and staring at the baby all day. 
Quick deodorant fix, makes everything all better. 

Aveeno lavender and vanilla lotion. 

I started using this product for Leland after bath to soothe his skin and help relax him before bed. 
This was for her bundle of joy. Great product line. 

Lastly, this is what it looked like ready to present. Viola!! 
I hope she enjoys it and that baby boy that's coming soon! 

All products were purchased at target and total was about $22. 

Small items in the dollar section. 

What are your thoughts? What would you add into it? 

Leave a comment and share. 

Ps, here's the cute momma and daddy to be. 


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