Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Filofax Fixation

So.... I have recently become a raving Filofax lunatic. I scour the internet for beautifully decorated pages, search for cute stickers and washi tape. I love it. I've always loved paper planning throughout my life especially in school. I always had a school planner. I tried to go digital and insisted that everything go through my iPad but it is just not the same as having something you can physically touch and feel and look at and decorate! I don't know there is just something so soothing and comforting about a physical planner. I swear my Filo has become like my binky.

I searched the internet and spent weeks debating what kind to get. I was really on the fence between getting a Filofax and making a custom Arc notebook planner or just finding a regular bound planner. I ultimately decided to go with the personal sized Filofax. Its something I can add to and update and pop into my purse. I was more hesitant about the arc notebook because I'm not sure it can take a beating like the Filofax can.

They sell Filofaxes at the art supply store and I visited the Filofax about 3-4 times and compared the personal size and A5 each time before finally deciding on the personal size Saffiano in Aqua. 

Here are pictures of my initial set up. I really love my fitness section but its a little bulky. 

I used calendar pages from a small planner from Target. Then decided I wanted something that was more of a blank canvas that I could add my own personal touches to. I loved all the creative pages I was seeing on Instagram and Pinterest. I scoured the internet to find the best planner paper, as for me, the Filofax pages it came with were much too thin. I like the heartier paper. Kiddy Qualia at Etsy makes some fabulous pages.  I like the thickness. I've ordered the lined rainbow, plain rainbow and eventually the monthly pages. I may be selling or giving away some of the colorful pages. Although they look great I actually prefer the plain white and now I have way too many. I also ordered pages from Piaric I love the font. I am currently waiting on those pages to come in. And I will decide which to use for 2014. In the meantime I made some that look similar to hers on the plain white Kiddy Qualia paper. And I have thoroughly enjoyed decorating them. It's so soothing for me. I love paper planning anyway, but this decorating of the Filofax pages makes it an art form. I just love love love it. 

I emptied out my Filofax and just put in the essentials for now. I think I am going to create a separate fitness binder as well as a budget binder. And I combined notes & my lists tabs. Here are some of my current pages and the inserts I've ordered. I'm feeling it out for the next month and deciding how to set up for 2014. 

These are the pages from Piaric.
Available at:
Kiddy Qualia pages
Available at:

Thanksgiving week decor

The schedule I'd ideally like to follow
printed on Rainbow Kiddy Qualia paper.

My monthly page for November. I designed the template,
 printed it on plain white Kiddy Qualia paper.

December Filofax montly decor. 

Well my fellow Filofax fanatics. Until next time! 

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