Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Control freak much?

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, but I promise to get better. Me and Lynette are still trying to get use to working together and the schedules that work for us as bloggers. 

Today I wanted to mention what happen to me last week and why I decided to write about it. 
During my pregnancy, both Chris and I agreed on how we were going to raise our son. Always on the same page. From breastfeeding to homeschooling even disciplining! Well, after Leland was born at that very moment I didn't want no one  to watch him because no one can ever be as good as his momma! I know by first hand as a women once we know we are pregnant it becomes an instant protection for our unborn child and once that wee one is born into this world even more so! 

Anyways this is wht happen to me this past week. 
I had to pick up an extra shift from work and Chris had to watch Leland that morning. Hence, he had worked a long night shift the day before. I knew he was tired and I felt bad too. But I had no one to watch boo. 
But he was ok with it. 
I left to work at 730 am, Chris and Leland were just getting up. 
I started breakfast for them and left for Chris to finish. 
Now this is what happened... 

8 am: calls Chris. "How's boo?" 
"Fine, watching his show" 
"Ok, call me if anything" 

11am: texted Chris. "How's boo?" response...(5 min later) text response. 
I panic. Don't ask me why? I just start to think of the craziest scenarios! 

About 10 min later I call, call, call. 
"Yes babe?" 
"Everything ok?" 
"Did he poop? What color? Did he eat? Please make sure he eats and has plenty of water. And not to much tv. Play with him. Maybe outside in the pool! Or run errands with him. Remember nap time is between 12&2. Only an hour. Love you!" 
Chris is so use to this and so loving he just listens to me ramble and says yes babe I know, I will! 
(I love him, he rocks!) but I also could tell I was getting out of hand. So he shares with me with a text that he is Leland father and he can take care of his own son. 
:::heart falls!::: how can I be so inconsiderate. I felt so bad!!
Sometimes, I know I'm a bit overboard with whoever watches him. But I'm so scared something will happen and I'm not there to help him or hold him if he's scared. Thankfully I trust the very chosen few who do watch him! 
 But still... I apologized to Chris for not trusting him and explained to him that it's not just him. I do it to my mom, his mom and his sister. I just want Leland to always be safe! What can I say... I love my boo so much! I read this quote that stuck with me, "our children are our hearts walking out of our bodies" and this is so true! 
So I am currently working on this particular control issue! 
Until then my loves enjoy some daddy and son pictures from the past couple days! 

P.S Leland loves loves loves his daddy!! 


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