Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Back to School: All about Lunches

Hello all you foxy mamas out there making the world go round! So going along with my Back to School theme, we've added some new items to our lunch repertoire and an exciting new app! 

I'm always excited to integrate my iPhone into anything I do. I am also always looking for ways to feed my baby girl the most nutritious food possible. It definitely can be challenging. Over the years she has gotten much pickier. And in the past I have had the tendency to pack a sandwich with a mess of prepackaged snacks. This year I was so happy to find La La Lunchbox via Apps Gone Free (which is also an awesome app to check out)! 

La La Lunchbox Review:

So La La Lunchbox allows you to create a lunch virtually so that you can plan your child's lunch accordingly. You can create a lunchbox for each child.

Once you create a lunchbox, you fill the lunch with 6 items. At least one item in each category, Fruits, Veggies, Protein, and Snacks. They give you ideas for each category and you can add your own! This has really helped me balance out my daughters lunches. Instead of a sandwich and a bunch of random prepackaged snacks I have been forced to think about what her favorite fruits and veggies are and include them in her lunch.

 This app also helps me to make sure I'm adding variety to her lunches. 

 You can view the lunch you've virtually packed at a glance. 

 You can add items not listed!

 It will even create a grocery list based on the lunches you've created for the week. 

Overall I love this app and its a nice addition to my organization arsenal! 

Next: Actually packing the lunch! This year we opted for a cute and practical lunchbox. Well made and well insulated and perfectly suited to house the Rubbermaid Lunchblox.

Rubbermaid Lunchblox Review: I love these little guys. I purchased ours at Walmart for about $8. The icepack sits on the sandwich block and I believe that makes a world of difference. My daughter used to complain of soggy cheese on her sandwiches, despite adding an icepack. With these lunchblox we no longer have that problem. Its nice how the blox click together as well. These fit much better then some other disposal brands that were bulky and didn't pack well. 

I also find that freezing her juice pouches also helps to keep her lunch cool and is a refreshing treat at lunchtime. I also include a reusable water bottle that she keeps in her backpack. 

One traditional I love passing on is that of the lunch note! I used to adore getting these notes from my mom. Typically I have hand written them on a sticky note, however we stepped it up this year. I found some fantastic note templates that we have filled in with special messages and I also include stickers to make it fun!

I found these on Pinterest. http://pinterest.com/pin/218776494371682452/

Last but not least I created a School Checklist and attached it to her backpack. I'm going to have to add glasses to the list, as she forgot them once. There is nothing worse then packing a lovely lunch and leaving it on the kitchen counter! So far this has worked wonderfully! 

Well until next time foxy mamas!

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